Beta Zeta

Denison University

Delta Gamma

Welcome and Mission Statement

Message from the President

Hello and welcome to the Beta Zeta chapter of Delta Gamma at Denison University! Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and learn about our chapter. 

As Delta Gammas we pride ourselves on fostering friendships between young women. We consist of a group of women dedicated to improving our campus community and striving to achieve our personal best. 

Since joining Delta Gamma I have found some of my closest friends and mentors. Every day I am grateful for the relationships I have formed and the women who continue to inspire me everyday. 

‚ÄčAs a chapter we are grateful for the alumnae who uphold the values of our chapter to the highest regard and we look forward to meeting the wonderful women who will join our chapter in the future. 

DG love,               

Siobhán Mitchell


Mission Statement

The Beta Zeta Chapter of Delta Gamma works to promote the strongest bonds of friendship and mentorship between young women. Encouraging each other to achieve the honorable, we aim to foster personal growth and while developing lifelong bonds through sisterhood. 

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